Compassion Vs. Consumption

From: WALTER EDMUND BOND (37096013)
Date: 10/12/2018 9:19:23 AM
Subject: Compassion Vs. Consumption

Human greed and avarice has been killing the planet and this has been the case for a long time running. And now it has been ramped up to a fever pitch with the advent of the industrial revolution. Ever driven by a filthy, environmentally catastrophic smoke stack society with both capitalist and communist countries locked into a death spiral of consuming the Earth; stripping Her of all ‘raw material’ and spewing forth chemicals, pollution and disease into an environment where once there was vitality and growth.

All this ‘development’ (really destruction when looked at with open eyes) has put our species at loggerheads with all species. all for the pettiness of consumption for consumptions sake. Our way of life, eating the dead, lapping their milk and stealing their eggs has not only poisoned the environment through the mechanized slaughterhouse industry (to give only one of several examples) but has poisoned our ideals as well.

This deadening of empathy to apathy has created a wholly selfish human-centric perspective that within a few short generations has made it nearly impossible for 9/10ths of adults living within the most economically viable countries to show any serious consideration for any being outside of humanity. So prevalent is this myopic worldview that to simply have genuine concern for the less fortunate amongst ourselves is considered heroically altruistic. This overconsumption, this excess fosters a ‘warped value system’ where the silliest and most trivial wants and desires are viewed as rights. This stems from heavy conditioning by advertising that starts in the cradle and ends in an early grave.

Does an Animal have a right to live?
Doesn’t that supersede your desire for fast food?
Doesn’t that Animals right to live supersede your entertainment?
your fashion?
your profit margin?

To us, to the ethical Vegan community the answer is an emphatic, YES! But we are a small minority even amongst herbivores. Most are repellant to the idea that consideration for Animals or for Mother Earth should ever interfere with the flow of holy commerce. Their (the non-Vegan Worlds) logic is backward and twisted, as well as self-perpetuating. for the more we indulge in products of death and murder, and the longer we sit by and passively allow the slaughter, the more craving and passivity grow and the weaker becomes our resolve to put an end to it.

This sham idea sold to us, this faith in collective consumption, leaves us devoid of love and inner peace and to the contrary we become consumed by the very products of our design. We become unable to experience serenity, the satisfaction of being, and yet we know not why. It is only when we learn to put others ahead of ourselves and the community of life before our own desire for flesh as food that we start to gain an insight into our equal footing with Animals and the Earth.

Staring from the day we go Vegan, we can begin, for the first time, to see the Animals plight objectively without the prejudice of our palate affecting our better nature. For the first time we can see without a vested interest in justifying their profound lost for our petty gain. Of course capitalism is now sullying the entire point of Veganism with it’s co-modification, with its Borg like way of assimilating everything into an empty shell.

How many of us are truly Vegan for the Animals?
How many of us are still compelled by our conscious?

How many more are simply foodie Vegans ever obsessed with another delicacy, another crappy product produced by the same corporations that bring us dead Animals body parts? Only now the cardboard packages have huge green V’s and dancing cartoon vegetables on them instead of cows.

Are we content now?
Are we caring and compassionate because our food costs twice as much?

Perhaps, just maybe, we miss the point again when we internalize a message meant for those outside of ourselves. Because it’s supposed to be about them, about the chick in the grinder, under the hot wire, and crowded into filthy living conditions. Or the goat that has been dehorned by a drill bit to the skull, ruining the cuticle that allows for a horns normal growth. A dehorning process that is done without anesthesia and often leaves remnant horns growing deformed even bending back into the Animals eyes. It’s about the rabbit scorched and burned for chemical testing or blinded by having oven cleaner shoved in their eyes during a Draize test. Veganism is about taking yourself out of the cycle of abuse. But it is only the starting point and not a final destination. Not eating or using anything that has been tested on an Animal is the least you can do, if you care.

So, is your Veganism going to be a stepping stone, the crucial first step in a journey of Animal and Earth Liberation?
Or will it just become another way to get diabetes eating raw cane sugar cupcakes instead of that old nasty bone charred stuff?


Walter Bond

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Seventh anniversary of Walter Bond’s statement to the federal court in Utah before being sentenced on October 13, 2011

On October 13, 2011

Federal District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah

Walter Bond’s Statement at his Sentencing

I’m here today because of the arsons I committed at The Tandy Leather Factory in Salt Lake City, and the Tiburon Restaurant in Sandy, Utah which sells the incredibly cruel product foie gras. The US Attorney wants to give me the maximum sentence and beyond, not because of my ‘crimes,’ but because I am unrepentant and outspoken.

My intuition tells me that this court is not going to show me mercy because I became ‘suddenly sorry.’  So instead of lying to the court in a feeble attempt to save myself, as I’m certain many do when they face their sentencing day, allow me to tell you what I am sorry for.

I am sorry that when I was 19 years old I built two slaughterhouses that are still killing Animals, even now as I speak.

I am sorry that Tandy Leather sells skin that has been ripped from the dead, and often live bodies of such Animals as cows, ostriches, rabbits, snakes and pigs.

I am sorry that the leather tanneries that supply Tandy Factory, poison the earth with dangerous chemicals.

I am sorry that the restaurant Tiburon profits from the force feeding of geese and ducks until their livers explode, so that rich people can then use that as a paté for crackers and bread. I am sorry that they make a living from the dead bodies of wild and exotic Animals.

I am sorry that we live in a day and age where you can rape a child or beat a woman unconscious and receive less prison time than an Animal Rights activist that attacked property instead of people.

I am sorry that my brother was so desperate to get out of debt that he flew from Iowa to Colorado just to get me in a taped and monitored conversation for reward money.

I am sorry that I am biologically related to such a worthless little snitch!

I am sorry that I waited so long to become an Animal Liberation Front operative.

For all of these things, I will always have some regret.  But as far as the arsons at the Leather Factory and Tiburon go, I have no remorse.

I realize that the laws of the land favor a business’ ability to make a profit over an Animal’s right to life.

It also used to favor a white business owner’s ability to profit from a black person’s slavery.

It also used to favor a husband’s ability to viciously attack his wife and act on her as if she were an object.

Those who broke the law and damaged property to stand against these oppressions were also called ‘terrorists’ and ‘fanatics’ in their time. But that did not change the fact that society progressed and is still progressing along those lines.

So today I’m the bad guy.  That is just a matter of historical coincidence.

Who knows… perhaps a less brutal and less violent society will one day exist that will understand that life and earth are more important than products of death and cruelty.  And if not, then to hell with it all anyway!

Whether my supporters or detractors think I’m a freedom fighter or a lunatic with a gas can makes no difference to me.  I have spent years verifiably promoting, supporting and fighting for Animal Liberation.

I have seen the Animal victims of human injustice — thousands of them — with my own eyes and what I saw was blood, guts and gore.  I made a promise to those Animals, and to myself, to fight for them in any way I could.

I regret none of it, and I never will!

You can take my freedom, but you can’t have my submission.

Walter Bond
A.L.F. – P.O.W.



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From: WALTER EDMUND BOND (37096013)
Date: 8/29/2018 9:52:55 AM
Subject: Interview

Joe Jordan- So your bi-sexual, do you identify as Queer as well?

Walter Bond- I don’t have any problem with the title ‘Queer’, but I guess I use the antiquated term ‘Bi’ mainly for two reasons. First, just to be specific and second because it took me decades to really come to terms with my bisexuality, so it feels as though I’ve earned it. There were many years I struggled and tried to be straight and there were just as many years where I struggled and tried to stay gay. Always on either side of the fence were people, both straight and gay, that well meaning or not tried to influence me to pick a side. And that just did not work for me.

For example, I worked for years in Denver for a gay-owned and operated company that specializes in adult products. I was even in a couple gay adult videos myself. But if my employers (a bunch of misogynistic old queens) would have found out that I dated women. I would have been stuck at the lowest levels of the job if not politicked out of the company all together. And of course to many straight men any type of homosexuality just marks you as “gay”, for good and always.

J.”g”J.- When did you realize you were Bi?

WB- Before I hit puberty. Somewhere around 10 years old.

J.”g”J.- What circumstances lead to you coming out?

WB- I came out in 7th grade and it was basically because I wanted to be honest with my friends and the world around me and quite honestly, to try and find a boy that I could have a relationship with, which I did 🙂 At the time I felt a lot of turmoil about my sexuality and I thought that maybe being out about it would alleviate that. I wish I could say it did but it took me many years of wrestling with the closet before I made peace with myself. Continue reading

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Why I Am Straight Edge

5/13/2018 7:37:27 AM
Why I Am Straight Edge

I am Straight Edge because I hate drugs and alcohol. I don’t want to use them, I don’t want to be around other people who use them and I want nothing to do with drug culture, the bar scene, etc. What separates me from being simply drug free is that I actively stand against drug culture and I have taken a life time oath to abstain from the filth of inebriation.

I suppose every person that claims Straight Edge has their own set of reasons and values that they ascribe to it. for most it is a phase that they go through, a music scene with associated fashions they identify with, or a peer group to belong to that is obscure enough to satisfy a tribal desire. I went through all that decades ago and while it was fun and I still enjoy the music it ceased to be about crews, and bands, and dance moves for me along time ago. Being honest that was never my main stay in Straight Edge to begin with. so I guess………. Well, I guess I’ll start at my beginning. Continue reading

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Veganism At The Intersection

5/3/2018 11:08:46 AM
Veganism At The Intersection

Intersectionality. The places where all the various struggles for social justice movements intersect, and the places many feel we should all come together linking our struggles, becoming stronger together and fortifying a united front against racism, sexism, ableism and all other forms of human oppression.

But what about specieism? It seems that when intersectionality gets applied to Animal liberation that it is largely a one way road. We are to sacrifice the integrity of our movement to once again focus on human issues as the core, as the primary concern. We are called upon to stop with all this Vegan nonsense which, don’t you know, is just so elitist and privileged! we are asked to only see the suffering, torture, exploitation and death of hundreds of species, billions of lives lost and brutalized as equal to one segment of our own species not enjoying full social equality?

I don’t buy it….. Pluralistic movements often fail from lack of a definitive goal. When your dealing with large groups of people with various beliefs, ideas and points of view the more complicated you make the goal the more you alienate your own cause from the mainstream and in the case of Animal Liberation we want Veganism, concern for Animals and the Earth to be accessible to all, to be practicable by all, not just by those who we feel have right ideas or politics or views, right?

Veganism and Animal right is not a punk rock movement where we don’t want the ‘conformists’ or ‘posers’ to take ‘our thing’. It’s very good that Veganism along with concern for those outside of our species is becoming more mainstream, this is what makes it relevant and turns that stream of consciousness into eventual and long term change for Animals. Continue reading

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Back In The CMU

From: WALTER EDMUND BOND (37096013)

Date: 2/22/2018 9:08:48 AM

Subject: Back In The CMU


I was transferred from solitary confinement in FCI Greenville Tuesday, the 13th of February, 2018. According to my notice of transfer I am here because “On December 4th, 2017, the SIS office at FCI Greenville completed an investigation and determined that on November 15, 2017, you enlisted the help of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, (NAALPO relays anonymous communiques, photos and videos to the media about direct action undertaken by radical animal rights activists) to encourage members of the public to e-mail and call FCI Greenville, in order to disrupt normal operations in an effort to pressure the executive staff to agree to several demands to address perceived grievances you have with the institution and the Bureau Of Prisons. Utilizing the inmate telephone system, you provided a recorded message which was released as a podcast, announcing your intention to engage in a hunger strike, outlining your grievances and encouraging supporters to contact the institution in support of your demands. To deter your continued attempts of using inmate communications to convey threats to injure and/or kill civilians; it is recommended that you be placed in a Communications Management Unit (CMU) for increased monitoring of your communications to protect the safety, security and good order of BOP institutions, government officials and the public.” Continue reading

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Walter Bond has been transferred to the Terre Haute CMU

Walter Bond has been transferred to the Terre Haute CMU.

Here is his new mailing address:

Walter Bond
FCI Terre Haute CMU
PO Box 33
Terre Haute IN 47808

If you recently wrote to Walter at the Greenville Illinois prison address, your letter will probably be forwarded to the new address. If your letter is returned in the mail, just re-send it to the new address.

Thank you to all the supporters who have sent funds for Walter over the last few months while he was on hunger strike and later while he was in the SHU. Now that he is no longer in the SHU and transferred to a new location, your donations will be put to good use.

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Seventh anniversary of Walter Bond’s sentencing in Denver Colorado on Feb 11, 2011

Sheepskin Factory
1/12/2017 12:35:24 PM
Feb. 11

At the time I wrote this statement it’s really impossible to convey accurately what life was like for me at the time. Although before my incarceration I was an activist for Animal Rights and Veganism I was never a visible person within the movement. I worked in a local health food store. on the weekends I worked for an Animal sanctuary and I tabled events in my spare time teaching people about the Animal’s plight and the ethics behind Veganism (not just about the food).

In late April of 2010 I burned down the sheepskin factory in Denver and never again would my life be the same…. I don’t feel the same. It no longer matters to me if I can change the world, I don’t spend long hours ranting and raving about how terrible my non-Vegan family or friends are or how they just don’t get it. I don’t waste my time or emotional energy crying over the cruelties of this world. And I don’t give up on, or compromise Animal Liberation because I can’t change things single handedly. These are the unfortunate phases that many who come into this movement go through. A kind of activist burnout ritual that is both superficial and selfish.

It’s not about crying all the time for Animals, Being angry on their behalf, or inventing a new line of feel good Vegan crap to make consumers and companies feel the activist fever. It’s not about me in this prison, or how you, I, or we feel about anything! It’s about positive action that saves Animal’s lives today! that stop their exploitation and enslavement today! no matter what we feel like or think about it! Continue reading

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Essay received via postal mail from Walter Bond

Essay received via postal mail from Walter Bond
(dated December 14, 2017, postmarked January 23, 2018, received on January 29, 2018)

A month ago I got locked up in solitary confinement for going on hunger strike. I didn’t eat for a week until I could get some resolution on my Vegan diet and my mail in a timely manner. I was appeased enough for me to come off hunger strike but by no means did I achieve anything like an unequivocal meeting of my demands. Not at all surprising in the federal prison system the ultimate bureaucracy. And not at all surprising is the fact that I have been referred back to the highly repressive and suppressive CMU unit. A so-called counterterrorism prison unit of which I have already done over 3 years. And it would not even surprise me if they sent me somewhere worse than I’ve ever been. I mean, I had the audacity to demand food and mail, the horror!

So here I sit in the hole. The last time I was here was Father’s Day after seeing a friend, a Puerto Rican, just like me, stabbed in the stomach. And the ensuing fight that broke out. The time before that it was the hole inside the CMU after I broke my hand on someone’s very deserving face. I was refused medical treatment for the telescopic fracture in my hand, although the doctor did tell me to aim with my top two knuckles next time.

In the last 7 odd years I have seen stabbings, beatings with locks, razor blade attacks, etc. Prison’s not a pretty place. So here I reside in my concrete box. I have no idea for how long maybe another month, maybe a year. It’s not my call it’s the systems and they have hated me ever since I showed defiance in the courtroom on sentencing day in Denver, Colorado.

I remember in my statement I said “prison is no great hardship to me.” And you know what’s changed since then….. not a fucking thing! Not one fucking thing! Continue reading

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