Fourth anniversary of Walter Bond’s Feb 11 statement to the court at sentencing

February 11, 2015 is the 4th anniversary of Walter Bond’s sentencing for the Animal Liberation Front Lone Wolf arson attack on the Sheepskin Factory.  An FBI sting operation carried out with the assistance of Walter’s brother, Trapper Zuehlke, resulted in his arrest in a suburb of Denver on July 22, 2010.  Walter was held in the Jefferson County Detention Center, in Golden Colorado while awaiting court and for about 2 months after sentencing, before he was transferred for “processing” to Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center, then on to a private facility utilized by the Bureau of Prisons, called Nevada Southern Detention Center for a few weeks, and finally placed into Davis County Jail in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Nevada, to await court for additional federal charges.

The Sheepskin Factory, Glendale, Colorado, April 30, 2010
The Sheepskin Factory, Glendale, Colorado, April 30, 2010

Before being sentenced by Judge Christine Arguello, Walter Bond made this statement in court.

Statement to the court in Denver, Colorado, February 11, 2011

I’m here today because I burnt down the Sheepskin Factory in Glendale, CO, a business that sells pelts, furs and other dead Animal skins.  I know many people think I should feel remorse for what I’ve done.  I guess this is the customary time where I’m suppose to grovel and beg for mercy.  I assure you if that’s how I felt I would.  But, I am not sorry for anything I have done.  Nor am I frightened by this court’s authority.  Because any system of law that values the rights of the oppressor over the down trodden is an unjust system.  And though this court has real and actual power, I question its morality.  I doubt the court is interested in the precautions that I took to not harm any person or by-stander and even less concerned with the miserable lives that sheep, cows and mink had to endure, unto death, so that a Colorado business could profit from their confinement, enslavement, and murder.

Obviously, the owners and employees of the sheepskin factory do not care either or they would not be involved in such a sinister and macabre blood trade.  So I will not waste my breath where it will only fall on deaf ears.  That’s why I turned to illegal direct action to begin with, because you do not care.  No matter how much we Animal Rights activists talk or reason with you, you do not care.  Well, Mr. Livaditis (owner of the Sheepskin Factory), I don’t care about you.  There is no common ground between people like you and me.  I want you to know that no matter what this court sentences me to today, you have won nothing!  Prison is no great hardship to me.  In a society that values money over life, I consider it an honor to be a prisoner of war, the war against inter-species slavery and objectification!  I also want you to know that I will never willingly pay you one dollar, not one!  I hope your business fails and you choke to death on every penny you profit from Animal murder!  I hope you choke on it and burn in hell!

To my supporters, I wish to say thank you for standing behind me and showing this court and these Animal exploiters that we support our own and that we as a movement are not going to apologize for having a sense of urgency.  We are not going to put the interests of commerce over sentience!  And we will never stop educating, agitating and confronting those responsible for the death of our Mother Earth and her Animal Nations.  My Vegan sisters and brothers our lives are not our own.  Selfishness is the way of gluttons, perverts and purveyors of injustice.  It has been said all it takes for evil to conquer is for good people to do nothing.  Conversely, all it takes to stop the enslavement, use, abuse and murder of other than human Animals is the resolve to fight on their behalf!

Do what you can, do what you must, be Vegan warriors and true Animal defenders and never compromise with their murderers and profiteers.  The Animal Liberation Front is the answer. Seldom has there been such a personally powerful and internationally effective movement in human history.  You cannot join the A.L.F. but you can become the A.L.F.  And it was the proudest and most powerful thing I have ever done.  When you leave this courtroom today don’t be dismayed by my incarceration.  All the ferocity and love in my heart still lives on.  Every time someone liberates an Animal and smashes their cage, it lives on!  Every time an activist refuses to bow down to laws that protect murder, it lives on!  And it lives on every time the night sky lights up ablaze with the ruins of another Animal exploiters’ business!

That’s all Your Honor, I am ready to go to prison.

Walter Bond Oct 2012 -2 cropped


Walter Bond is in prison until the year 2021 and cannot use Facebook or the internet.  This page was set up to support him.

To send funds to Walter Bond in prison, please visit his support website for numerous ways you can do this (check, cash, money order, paypal, and western union):

Walter Bond continuously adds books and magazines to his wish list.  If you buy a book from the wish list, it automatically disappears from the list.  If you buy something on the list from another vendor, please let us know and we will take it off his wish list, so he does not get duplicate gifts.  View this list: or just search for Walter Bond on the wish list section of

Here is his mailing address:

Walter Bond


USP Marion CMU

PO Box 1000

Marion IL 62959



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Merry XVX!!!

12/10/2014 8:18:16 AM
Merry XVX!!!

Happy Holidays everybody! Sorry if I haven’t been very responsive as of late. I have just been consumed with my language studies (Spanish/Arabic) and my exercise routine. As a prisoner in a counter-terrorism prison unit; with a few years of time under my belt now. I am becoming a bit reclusive as a matter of mental well being. While I yearn for my return to society that date is still years away and constantly having my mind on the outside while my body is incarcerated is frustrating and slightly schizophrenic.

My heart goes out to all the freedom fighters for the Earth and Animals as well as the struggles for human rights and the fight against racism. In these caustic times we must struggle to keep ourselves optimal and our intentions pure. Too much of what passes as revolution, activism and “the movement” is just empty slogans, activist reenactments of the 1960′s, and the picket era.

Political jargon, be it socialist, anarchist or right-wing all seek to frame very real and drastic problems, problems of life and death as ‘issues’ that cowards, armchair generals and fakes use as a platform for their ridiculous and often irrelevant beliefs and pretentious rhetoric.

While the world burns and swelters with the heat of racism, police brutality, Animal use and abuse, environmental degradation, disease, famine, pestilence, war, filth, perversion and neurosis. We chant, we hold sings, we take to the internet and voice our opinions, in a sea of opinions. we play on our fiddles while the Earth dies. Technology amplifies the decay and wickedness, magnifying it, prolonging it, exploiting it, thousands of times beyond the pale of reason!

Most of this year I have taken off writing my usual articles and essays. Mainly, I stopped for two reasons: First, I live in a CMU prison unit, (If you don’t know what that is, find out!). And as such, I am under constant censorship. I would rather not say anything than be censored in part. And secondly, I feel that my writings have become more fodder for philosophers and do-nothings to debate about or raise an eyebrow too.

I have always been outspoken WHEN it effects a change. I have also been an anonymous freedom fighter behind the mask which was much more effective and gratifying than being an interesting read for college kids or an imprisoned martyr for Animals.

Still, given the vantage point of a prison cell, time to think, time to read, and time to grow. I look back at my own feeble attempts at resistance and see them for what they were, a stepping stone. Animals, the Earth and Humans will never be free until we are rid of technologically advanced civilization. What is vivisection, factory farming, genetic engineering, surveillance society, or any institution of oppression besides a technological institution of innovation? The Animals won’t be free of the laboratory as long as there are laboratories. The Earth will not be free from industry until there are no industries. Behind every single facet of worldwide destruction you will find technology, and only technology has exacerbated and accelerated our own greed to the point in which it is threatening all life.

It’s not about diets, or politics (left or right). It’s not about morality, or the lack thereof. people have always done what people do, and we will continue with our machinations until the end. It’s about balance. It’s about autonomy and the type of freedom that truly matters. Not the freedom to be politically correct or the freedom of hedonism. But the freedom to live, love, struggle and die along with every creature on the planet.

!Liberacion Animal, Cueste Lo Que Cueste!

Abdul Haqq September 2014
Abdul Haqq

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Star Knight

Star Knight
Jun 30th, 6:48am
Hello, My name is Star and I live in Washington, DC. I wrote this poem for Walter:

The Lone Wolf
Total Liberation
The Lone Wolf
He is The Fire
The Lone Wolf
Sacrificing Freedom
for The Animals
our sons and daughters
The Lone Wolf
He Is The Fire that beat The Slaughter
Vegan Hardline
He is The Beacon
What have you done?
Always Looking Forward!
What have you done?
Whatever It May Take!

Feel free to share. In Solidarity, Star Knight


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Interview of Walter Bond featured in new book published by Lantern Books

In the forthcoming book , The Terrorization of Dissent: Corporate Repression, Legal Corruption and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (Lantern Books), co-edited by Jason Del Gandio and Anthony J. Nocella II (due out this summer), the following interview of Walter Bond was taken by Carol Glasser during the summer of 2011 (several months before Walter’s final sentencing for arsons in Utah, but after his sentencing for the arson of the Sheepskin Factory in Colorado) and appears as Chapter 15.

Walter Bond closeup

Continue reading

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Free Ebba 2

WALTER BOND (37096013)
6/2/2014 6:51:23 AM

Ebba Olausson is a young Vegan Straight Edge woman that is currently under arrest in Skovde, Sweden, suspected for over twenty different attacks on fur farms and the fur industry as well as liberations of minks.  Ebba has tried to write me but I was not allowed her letter by the prison in which I am currently entombed.  Nor am I able to write to her since I am not allowed to write prisoners.

I request that you, my supporters, in America and abroad, flood Ebba with support mail so that she knows she is loved and we are all concerned for her well being and freedom.  The Vegan Straight Edge kids, Vegan Hardliners and Animal Rights Activists of Sweden have been so supportive of me over the years.  Now I want to support them back.

(Excerpt from a 2012 letter from Ebba)

“I found an interview you did on the internet and read your thoughts about Straight Edge. I’ve been Vegan Straight Edge for five years. You said “You must remain focused, ferocious, positive and resilient!” When I read that I got back the fighting spirit I had in the beginning of Straight Edge! Some Hardline kids from Sweden say hello, keep up the fighting spirit, Much Love -Ebba”

You keep that fighting spirit up as well Ebba and know that even though there are walls, prison bars and an ocean that separate us, you are my Vegan sister and you are in my heart, always. Animal Liberation, Whatever It May Take!

Please check Ebba’s support facebook page for her current mailing address:

Ebba Olausson’s facebook support page is


Walter Bond



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This Is Why….

Fighter's Heart


3/27/2014 7:23:02 AM

This Is Why….

-A teener of meth gets melted in glass, well after the mini-butane torch comes off it.

The yellowish white smoke lasts.

The rock melts down into a clear chemical drop and he inhales the poison until lung expansion stops,

and the anhydrous ammonia makes him cough it.

This is why he lost his job, this is why he loses time, this is why his sanity is gone, this is why he turns to crime. Continue reading

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Walter Bond’s Exclusive Post-Sentencing Interview (with NIO in Dec 2011)

Walter Bond’s Exclusive Post-Sentencing Interview

Posted by on December 23, 2011

On October 13, 2011, the Criminal System of Injustice sentenced Walter Bond to 87 months in prison for two ALF arsons in Utah – he burned down Tandy Leather Factory and Tiburon Foie Gras Restaurant. This sentence will run consecutively with the 5 years he received earlier this year for setting a sheepskin factory in Colorado ablaze. For his bravery and acts of compassion on behalf of the animals entombed in a holocaust, Walter will serve a total of 12 years 3 months in prison. This is NIO’s exclusive post-sentencing interview with Walter Bond, Prisoner of War…

NIO: In our last interview, Go Vegan and Break Something, we touched on the issue of fear and how activists acquiesce, thus, allowing themselves to be controlled by the industrial-state complex. Did you ever have to confront your own fear? How does one transcend their fear to emerge a warrior?

Well, yes, of course I felt fear — especially right before the commission of arson. It’s kind of like jumping into a river or swimming pool when you’re first learning to swim. The fear is at the jump off point. Once I was involved in an action I was simply concerned with the task at hand. Continue reading

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Reunions And Cupcakes



3/10/2014 8:06:16 AM

Reunions And Cupcakes

When I was a child things were a fucking mess.  I won’t dishonor my family by exposing all the gory details but believe me when I say that I have seen every kind of debauchery brought on by addiction.  I have cried every kind of tear and lived through every kind of poverty and cycle of abuse because of the insane effects of drugs and drink on the people I once loved.  Today other than my relationship with my adopted father my biological family is non-existent, broken, gone, over….  

I went to prison at the age of 21 for burning down a multi-million dollar meth operation.  I have never told the entire story, or even half of the story publically. Mainly because even when I recall it today I am hard pressed to believe that I lived through those events.  Besides, the timing is not right, one day it will be, but that’s not today.  In any case that action was the domino that brought down a four state drug ring and sent me to prison for arson, to a maximum security penitentiary for 4 years.  A place where I witnessed stabbings, horrible beatings, gang violence and more filth and insanity brought on by drugs and alcohol.  I got the X’s tattooed on my hands in that hell hole.  I came out with a 1000 yard stare and a slight case of PTSD. Continue reading

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Jonathan Pieslak, PhD and Professor of Music interviews Walter Bond about Vegan Straight Edge, Hardline, the ALF and the Music and politics behind the movement!



3/4/2014 8:39:48 AM

Jonathan Pieslak, PhD and Professor of Music interviews Walter Bond about Vegan Straight Edge, Hardline, the ALF and the Music and politics behind the movement!

Jonathan Pieslak:  I’m curious as how you first became interested in radical environmentalism and Animal Liberation.  Could you describe what attracted you to the movement and how you became involved?  Also, could you describe your musical background?  How would you describe the role of music in your life before and during your time as an activist?

Walter Bond:  I first became interested in Animal Liberation and Veganism when I was 19 years old. Starting in the summer of 1995 I began working for a company in the Midwest by the name of ‘Dakota Mechanical’.  I worked on the construction of two slaughterhouses, one in Perry Iowa and one in Logansport Indiana.  Both were IBP pork production facilities.  The horrors I witnessed there had a profound effect on me.  If you would like, I wrote two articles about my experiences working there.  They are entitled ‘Why I Am Vegan’ and ‘Slaughterhouse Blues’.  You can read them both and many of my other writings at  They are also in my book ‘Always Looking Forward’ along with a few articles about the importance of the Straight Edge music scene and my connection to it. There is also a song and video about my first prison sentence in 1997 of arson for burning down a drug kingpin’s meth operation.  The song is ‘to Ashes’ by the band ‘Earth Crisis’. Continue reading

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Patterns of Oppression

This essay by Walter Bond was published in The Examiner on 2/17/14.

On 2/18/14, the support site received the unabridged version of the piece, which is presented below.


Dominated Bear


2/18/2014 10:11:58 AM

Patterns Of Oppression

Whenever we the human race set about oppressing another group from within or from outside our own species the justifications we use are not only similar in design but often times exact verbatim.  There is a fairly intricate pathology to how we determine the otherness of different groups.  Unfortunately, it is far too complex for the scope of this slim essay.  However, I would like to highlight a couple prime examples that I have come across in my years as an activist for the liberation of Animals and the Earth, as well as my experience as a political prisoner because of that fight.

I will say from the outset that what I am making are correlations of the way in which various groups are oppressed, along with the arbitrary justifications for those oppressions. But these are in no way comparisons.  Animals suffer worse injustices in vastly greater numbers than any segment of humanity.  The annual death toll due to war in the middle east is roughly 91,000. For people murdered by the police it’s between 500 and 1000 annually.  There are currently over 2,300,000 imprisoned in the United States.  This is nothing compared to the annual confinement, torture and murder of: 9,500,000,000 Chickens, 100,000,000 Pigs and 70,000,000 Animals in laboratories!

That said, one major thing we do in order to feel comfortable oppressing a group deemed as other is to infantilize them.  We do this with Animals in a myriad of ways.  We take domesticated Animals and baby talk to them as if they were an ‘itty bitty widdle bawby’! Even though these creatures have, in certain arenas, aptitudes that are far beyond our own.  Sure your dog or cat cannot read Shakespeare but neither can you smell a foot print and tell the age of its maker.  Nor can we see in the dark, fall from several stories and walk away unharmed and many other amazing aptitudes and abilities that are shared by canines and felines. Continue reading

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