This Is Why….

Fighter's Heart


3/27/2014 7:23:02 AM

This Is Why….

-A teener of meth gets melted in glass, well after the mini-butane torch comes off it.

The yellowish white smoke lasts.

The rock melts down into a clear chemical drop and he inhales the poison until lung expansion stops,

and the anhydrous ammonia makes him cough it.

This is why he lost his job, this is why he loses time, this is why his sanity is gone, this is why he turns to crime. Continue reading

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Walter Bond’s Exclusive Post-Sentencing Interview (with NIO in Dec 2011)

Walter Bond’s Exclusive Post-Sentencing Interview

Posted by on December 23, 2011

On October 13, 2011, the Criminal System of Injustice sentenced Walter Bond to 87 months in prison for two ALF arsons in Utah – he burned down Tandy Leather Factory and Tiburon Foie Gras Restaurant. This sentence will run consecutively with the 5 years he received earlier this year for setting a sheepskin factory in Colorado ablaze. For his bravery and acts of compassion on behalf of the animals entombed in a holocaust, Walter will serve a total of 12 years 3 months in prison. This is NIO’s exclusive post-sentencing interview with Walter Bond, Prisoner of War…

NIO: In our last interview, Go Vegan and Break Something, we touched on the issue of fear and how activists acquiesce, thus, allowing themselves to be controlled by the industrial-state complex. Did you ever have to confront your own fear? How does one transcend their fear to emerge a warrior?

Well, yes, of course I felt fear — especially right before the commission of arson. It’s kind of like jumping into a river or swimming pool when you’re first learning to swim. The fear is at the jump off point. Once I was involved in an action I was simply concerned with the task at hand. Continue reading

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Reunions And Cupcakes



3/10/2014 8:06:16 AM

Reunions And Cupcakes

When I was a child things were a fucking mess.  I won’t dishonor my family by exposing all the gory details but believe me when I say that I have seen every kind of debauchery brought on by addiction.  I have cried every kind of tear and lived through every kind of poverty and cycle of abuse because of the insane effects of drugs and drink on the people I once loved.  Today other than my relationship with my adopted father my biological family is non-existent, broken, gone, over….  

I went to prison at the age of 21 for burning down a multi-million dollar meth operation.  I have never told the entire story, or even half of the story publically. Mainly because even when I recall it today I am hard pressed to believe that I lived through those events.  Besides, the timing is not right, one day it will be, but that’s not today.  In any case that action was the domino that brought down a four state drug ring and sent me to prison for arson, to a maximum security penitentiary for 4 years.  A place where I witnessed stabbings, horrible beatings, gang violence and more filth and insanity brought on by drugs and alcohol.  I got the X’s tattooed on my hands in that hell hole.  I came out with a 1000 yard stare and a slight case of PTSD. Continue reading

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Jonathan Pieslak, PhD and Professor of Music interviews Walter Bond about Vegan Straight Edge, Hardline, the ALF and the Music and politics behind the movement!



3/4/2014 8:39:48 AM

Jonathan Pieslak, PhD and Professor of Music interviews Walter Bond about Vegan Straight Edge, Hardline, the ALF and the Music and politics behind the movement!

Jonathan Pieslak:  I’m curious as how you first became interested in radical environmentalism and Animal Liberation.  Could you describe what attracted you to the movement and how you became involved?  Also, could you describe your musical background?  How would you describe the role of music in your life before and during your time as an activist?

Walter Bond:  I first became interested in Animal Liberation and Veganism when I was 19 years old. Starting in the summer of 1995 I began working for a company in the Midwest by the name of ‘Dakota Mechanical’.  I worked on the construction of two slaughterhouses, one in Perry Iowa and one in Logansport Indiana.  Both were IBP pork production facilities.  The horrors I witnessed there had a profound effect on me.  If you would like, I wrote two articles about my experiences working there.  They are entitled ‘Why I Am Vegan’ and ‘Slaughterhouse Blues’.  You can read them both and many of my other writings at  They are also in my book ‘Always Looking Forward’ along with a few articles about the importance of the Straight Edge music scene and my connection to it. There is also a song and video about my first prison sentence in 1997 of arson for burning down a drug kingpin’s meth operation.  The song is ‘to Ashes’ by the band ‘Earth Crisis’. Continue reading

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Patterns of Oppression

This essay by Walter Bond was published in The Examiner on 2/17/14.

On 2/18/14, the support site received the unabridged version of the piece, which is presented below.


Dominated Bear


2/18/2014 10:11:58 AM

Patterns Of Oppression

Whenever we the human race set about oppressing another group from within or from outside our own species the justifications we use are not only similar in design but often times exact verbatim.  There is a fairly intricate pathology to how we determine the otherness of different groups.  Unfortunately, it is far too complex for the scope of this slim essay.  However, I would like to highlight a couple prime examples that I have come across in my years as an activist for the liberation of Animals and the Earth, as well as my experience as a political prisoner because of that fight.

I will say from the outset that what I am making are correlations of the way in which various groups are oppressed, along with the arbitrary justifications for those oppressions. But these are in no way comparisons.  Animals suffer worse injustices in vastly greater numbers than any segment of humanity.  The annual death toll due to war in the middle east is roughly 91,000. For people murdered by the police it’s between 500 and 1000 annually.  There are currently over 2,300,000 imprisoned in the United States.  This is nothing compared to the annual confinement, torture and murder of: 9,500,000,000 Chickens, 100,000,000 Pigs and 70,000,000 Animals in laboratories!

That said, one major thing we do in order to feel comfortable oppressing a group deemed as other is to infantilize them.  We do this with Animals in a myriad of ways.  We take domesticated Animals and baby talk to them as if they were an ‘itty bitty widdle bawby’! Even though these creatures have, in certain arenas, aptitudes that are far beyond our own.  Sure your dog or cat cannot read Shakespeare but neither can you smell a foot print and tell the age of its maker.  Nor can we see in the dark, fall from several stories and walk away unharmed and many other amazing aptitudes and abilities that are shared by canines and felines. Continue reading

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The Roots Of Compassion


WALTER BOND (37096013)
1/16/2014 7:55:37 AM
The Roots Of Compassion

According to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th edition the definition of the word “compassion” is: “Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”. Very well, by the definition thus given we see right off the bat that compassion is more than just a feeling, or a pretentious connection with others’ pain. It is far more than a buzzword to be bandied about in the name of a cause.

Compassion is the precursor to acting on behalf of another’s well being. Without this “desire to alleviate another’s distress” we don’t have compassion, we have sympathy. And sympathy is really more about our own feelings towards another than any serious desire to help. It’s not my intention to split hairs or play games with words. However, far too much of what we hear today when it comes to the rights, welfare and liberation of Animals and the Earth is just that, wordplay. Continue reading

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Let’s Help The Animals!

Rooster rescue farm in Bennett, CO


11/10/2013 9:23:35 AM

Let’s Help The Animals!

As we entered the ‘Animal shelter’ I could hear the thunderous roar of cats and dogs echoing off the walls.  It disgusted me to know that behind the staff’s friendly facade an entire prison existed behind that desk that many of its Animal inmates would never leave alive.  But we were not there to save a dog or cat’s life that day, we were there to save a rooster.  A rooster that had spent over a month in a tiny cage in the pound, frightened by the artificial environment and constant panic noise of the other stressed out Animals.

He went right from that despicable environment to my lap in the passenger seat of Jewel’s car. As she drove I gently petted this amazing rooster that later came to be named ‘Lerr’.  I did not know until that day that chickens can do something akin to purring and that you can feel it resonate within their bodies through your hand similar to a cat.

This is the true face of Animal Liberation, one Animal’s life saved, then ten, then one hundred and then one thousand!  Everything else, all the gatherings, conventions, speakers and health food faddists are (or should be) secondary to actually saving Animals’ lives and educating others about the ethics of the Vegan way of life.

This is the hard work that my friend Jewel has been doing for several years.  This is the work she still does at Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost!  And this is where years later Lerr still lives.  I used to work for more than one Animal Sanctuary before my incarceration because it was one of the best ways I could find to actually help Animals in the real world and without pretext.

While there are many sanctuaries that care for critters few of them have the Vegan Abolitionist integrity of Danzig’s roost.  No one there draws a salary from their work or any popularity from the cookie cutter Vegan community, locally or abroad.  At the roost all the funds go where they should, to the many beautiful Birds ( and other wonderful critters) that reside there.

Furthermore, Danzig’s Roost speaks out against so called ‘free-range’ and ‘happy meat’ as they educate people about the effectiveness and ethical imperatives of Veganism.  Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost has almost 50 roosters and nearly 100 hens and growing!  But what they don’t have is your support, and they need it.

I learned everything I know about chickens’ social structures and habits, as well as the industries that murder them for meat and eggs from my time and work with Jewel from rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost.  Check them out on the web at Educate yourself and then donate as generously as you can so that they can continue the grassroots work of true Animal Liberation and Vegan Abolitionist education, I beg you, do it for the Animals!


Walter Bond USP Marion CMU Feb 2012 #2 cropped

Walter Bond


Walter Bond is in prison until the year 2021 and cannot use Facebook or the internet.  The website and the Walter Bond Facebook page were set up to support him.  Here is his mailing address (he can only reply to letters that include a full name and address):

Walter Bond


USP Marion CMU

PO Box 1000

Marion IL 62959

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- The Importance of Straightedge – originally posted Nov 2011

Straight_Edge_Wallpaper_by Minor Threat

- The Importance of Straightedge –

Part of having a revolutionary mentality means we examine our beliefs and actions and then discard those which don’t fit in the world in which we want to live.  We first make this change in ourselves and then initiate that change in the world around us.

I want to live in a world where the Earth and Animals get to live and flourish.  I want to live in a world without racism.  I want to live in a world where our mothers and sisters are not preyed upon in the streets or in their homes.  I want to live in a world that has respect for all innocent life, and I want to live in a world without the self-destruction and diminished capacity of inebriation.

To that end I am Straightedge.  This means that I have taken a lifelong oath to abstain from recreational drug use.  It further means that I have vowed to try to make this world a more peaceful and just place by standing against oppression, slavery and death, whether self-inflicted or otherwise.  It is this stand that makes me Straightedge and not merely drug-free.  It is a difficult oath to live up to and should not be undertaken by those that are not 100% sure that they can live up to it. Continue reading

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Supreme Vegan Power

Supreme Vegan Power photo

Supreme Vegan Power

by Walter Bond

Consumerism truly has affected our ethics and the ways in which we behave.  Even many that think themselves progressive, liberal or fire-breathing anarchists.  We are taught by advertisers to think in terms of profitability instead of principle.  For instance, when it comes to Veganism many people I have met like to debate its validity of effectiveness as a tactic. And no doubt I understand the validity of many of those critiques.  As I have written more than once, “For every one of us that go vegan, 100,000 kids get weaned into flesh as food.”  That being said, Veganism is still an important first step and moral imperative.  From a theoretical standpoint, if everyone did adhere to Veganism all these disgusting and evil animal enterprises wouldn’t even exist.  This is what Bertrand Russell calls a “universal truth” in his book, “Why I am not a Christian.”  He says, “If you can take a behavior and extend it infinitely [in a social context] and it is still good for all, then that behavior is a universal truth.”  From a fundamental standpoint, it is morally wrong to use the dead bodies and by-products of the slavery of any being that has an interest in freedom or desire to live free of pain and suffering.  The circumstances under which you use them do not matter. Continue reading

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