An FYI from Walter


4/27/2017 12:49:35 PM

An FYI from Walter

For a few years now I have been a devout Muslim. I have learned much on this journey both about myself, others and a little something about human nature as well. But  I cannot, in good faith (no pun intended) continue to represent, practice or even believe in Islam or any other world religion for that matter.

Animal/Earth liberation and Straight Edge have been my struggle for half of my life now and it is who I am and what I care about the most at my core, it’s in my blood and it is my primary concern. Religion, for me, diverts and obscures that message both personally and publically, and I am not alright with that.

Furthermore, these years of prison have distilled my hatred of Animal abuse and abusers. I do not feel that the human race is superior or even equal to the community of life and the living planet on which we all reside. I believe and I feel in my heart that anybody that abuses, murders or in anyway intentionally harms, destroys or causes a situation in which  harm or destruction is visited upon an Animal or the environment deserves to be harmed or destroyed themselves.

Along with this purging of religious thought I am also leaving behind the moralisms and unrealistic expectations of Vegan hardline as professed in the “hardline manifesto” of which I have been a proponent for two decades. Because I can no longer support it’s stances against abortion and so-called ‘sexual morality’. The problem on this planet is humanity in general and flesh eating humanity specifically. From this vantage point it is just incredibly obvious to me that ANY habits, practices, or philosophies that seek to slow or stop the reproduction of humans are of great importance to the life of the planet!

Abortion, birth control, homosexuality, sterilization, and non-reproductive sexual activity really should be championed as responsible, conscious and evolved decisions, lifestyles and choices. and not stigmatized or discriminated against by religious wing nuts that think one little flesh eating bastard is more important than the Earth and all life upon her!

So from here on out I am dropping the religious moniker Abdul Haqq. And going by my legal name of Walter Bond. And moving forward I will be writing more about what really matters. Animals, the Earth, and Straightedge. Until next time take care and I’ll do the same.  Animal Liberation, Whatever it may take!


Walter Bond

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Walter Bond
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