Support Walter Bond

1/31/2019 7:07:39 AM
Support Walter Bond

Hello Everyone,
This year makes my 9th year in federal prison for my actions in the underground for Animal Liberation. The good news is that at some point next year I will be released. Exactly when is to early to tell but just like everything in the Federal Bureau of Prisons when I am eligible for release to a halfway house and to which city that will be is a mysterious and inconsistent bureaucratic process that varies from prisoner to prisoner. And from what I have witnessed over the years it’s a process that has no rhyme or reason. But whether in the middle or the end, I will be coming home next year.

However, I have no home to go back too. I have no family left I can stay with, I have no money, I don’t even have clothes. I am trying to go to New York City to start my life in a new area and to that end I am doing the best I can through the aid of friends to get myself established there, securing employment, looking for a place to live, etc.

If I can attain these requirements I SHOULD be able to go to a halfway house in the area and then do my probation in NYC. That said, there is no guarantee that I will be allowed to go where I am trying to go. The BOP or department of probation could decide for whatever reasons to send me back to Colorado or Utah where my arson charges stem from.

So it is imperative that I have the money I need to sustain myself wherever I end up touching down. This will ensure that I can get in and out of the halfway house as quickly as possible and get on with my life. To that end I am saving every penny, living as meagerly as I can in prison while still doing my best to eat and live Vegan behind bars.

I am requesting the movement at large or whomever in may concern to help me with donations. I hate making such a public plea and am personally embarrassed at doing so. But I have given away everything I ever had, including my freedom for Animal Liberation and I could definitely use a helping hand now. I will repost this every few months as a reminder until my release.

Thank you very much,
Walter Bond

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