The End of Anarchy

9/9/2019 6:35:47 AM
The End Of Anarchy

I have for half my life had an on again, off again relationship with anarchism. And various factions of anarchism have also had an on again, off again relationship with me. But this has now come to an end. I can no longer, in good faith, have ANYTHING to do with the polyglot mish mash of political and ideological insanity that is anarchism. Not with it’s groups, it’s thought, not of it’s ideologies and not it’s individuals.

ANARCHISM IS DIVISIVE- Obviously, the whole aim of anarchy amounts to nothing more than a teardown of everything fair, pure and good. Anarchy upholds what is base and vile, and it makes degeneracy it’s standard. Anarchism bathes itself in conflicting and opposing rhetoric, in schizophrenic tautologies and of word soup. Anarchism has been the bane of every serious cause for Animal Rights, Animal Welfare and Animal Liberation; as well as the movements for the Earth and the environment. Like religion, it infiltrates autonomous groups that have a single and pointed focus and begins a cancerous spread. Until finally the host group becomes a marginalized group of infighting and introspection that often has nothing to do with it’s original motives. Much in the same way as socialism creeps into movements. But where as socialisms ultimate goals are nefarious, anarchism’s are just pointless.

ANARCHISM IS AGAINST NATURE- Hierarchy is a natural occurrence exhibited in a million ways throughout the multiplicity of life that inhabits the planet. All one needs to do is study biology, evolution or society with half a brain to see that life is not possible without hierarchical ordering. Of course, the anarchist will come up with reams of rhetoric to the contrary but this is exactly what one does (religion as an example) to muddy the waters enough to make sense out of nonsense. Outside of hierarchy the other favorite target of anarchy is ‘the State’. Once again, as history shows in ample isolated instances, ‘the State’ is simply a naturally occurring social phenomenon once any civilization reaches a certain level of sophistication.

ANARCHISM IS AGAINST FREEDOM- The freedom that anarchism professes is only the superficial, hedonistic concept of freedom. In every essential way anarchists seek group control as rigidly as any other authoritarian communist faction. The ‘freedoms’ of anarchism are base and low. The freedom to shoot up heroin in public parks. The freedom to smoke meth in public. The freedom to be a pervert or eat your dinner out of a dumpster. Or the freedom to be a freeloader and a shiftless bum. In ideology, and in fact, most anarchists are just an ultra militant subset of pathological leftism. The slightest deviation from egalitarianism or identity politics and their hair sets ablaze and their vociferousness immediately comes to the surface. Apparently, they think that somehow a society can exist without law and order but at the same time be fanatically ridged in the enforcement of even the most miniscule perceived inequities.

Anyways, I am Vegan and Straight Edge and my concerns are NOT for those that cannot exhibit self-control, self-discipline, sobriety and compassion for the biosphere as well as the Animals. Whether a transvestite gets to use the bathroom of his choosing at wal-mart , or whether a junkie gets a fresh needle to shoot up with in a public restroom is not what concerns me. And it need not concern me. One of the greatest swindles of recent times is the notion that nothing you do or believe has merit on it’s own unless it is part of a larger conglomerate of orthodox beliefs. Animal Liberation is important, the health of the planet is important. These beings are real, they are life. Leftwing and rightwing politics are a social construct, they are not flesh and blood. They are not Earth and Air.

So anarchism and I have come together and separated, off and on, like a defective couple that can’t seem to hang it up. But this is my final dance. This is closure. I don’t feel that it was a waste of time but I am glad to be done with it. every man has his own nature and anarchism is contrary to mine.


Walter Bond

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