Mail Regulations

arte 1-8-13 one compressed


Manila envelopes containing internet printouts – maximum 20 pages
Books — must be sent direct from bookseller or publisher only – no more than 5 in a package
Photos – size 8×10 or 8×11 – no more than 2
Photos – size 3×5 or 4×6 – no more than 25
Photos – NO polaroids
Magazine and newspaper subscriptions sent direct from publisher — unlimited
No other packages can be received.
No blank paper, stamps, envelopes, or anything other than letters and cards and the items listed above may be received by a prisoner.

Walter Bond’s book wishlist can be found here:   (Walter has not requested any books in many months, which is why there are not books or periodicals right now on his Amazon wishlist.)

Please note the following information:

All mail is opened and read. All calls are monitored.

If you wish to receive a reply to your letter, please include your first and last name and mailing address in the body of the letter.


Walter Bond
FCI Terre Haute CMU
PO Box 33
Terre Haute IN 47808

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