Walter Bond is an imprisoned Animal Liberation Front operative who in the Summer of 2010 was arrested for the A.L.F. Lone Wolf arsons of the Sheepskin Factory in Denver, Colorado, the Tandy Leather Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah and Tiburon Restaurant in Sandy, Utah.

On February 11, 2011, Bond was sentenced to 5 years in Federal prison for the Colorado fire, and on October 13, 2011, he was sentenced to 7 years, 3 months for the Utah fires, to run consecutive to the first sentence.  He is currently incarcerated at USP Marion CMU.  His expected release date is April 14, 2021.

Bond’s experiences as a 19-year-old slaughterhouse construction worker propelled him into Veganism and a life focused on ending our culture’s enslavement and exploitation of animals and the natural world.  As a prisoner of the war for the liberation of Animals, Bond continues to influence and motivate other activists dynamically via his essays and public statements which have speedily transversed the globe over the internet and have been translated into several different languages.  Always Looking Forward, published by Liberation Press in December 2011, is a collection of the articles and statements written by Bond while at county jail in Golden, Colorado and Farmington, Utah.

Walter Bond is Vegan Straight Edge and opposes the deadly and genocidal culture of drug abuse in the United States. He is the subject of the song “To Ashes” by the band Earth Crisis – which was inspired by Bond’s previous incarceration from 1997 – 2001  for burning down the home and meth operation of a multi-million dollar drug dealer that was selling poison to his family and friends.

Walter Bond’s entire philosophy and program of action is centered on these six words “Animal Liberation, Whatever it May Take!”

Mail correspondence to:  (See “Mail Regulations)

Walter Bond
USP Marion CMU
PO Box 1000
Marion IL 62959


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